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    Haunted House

    chi chi

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    Haunted House

    Post  chi chi on Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:29 am

    I was with a friend and we had gone on this ghost hunt, it was quite boring and soon grew tired. We came across this house and when we asked if we were going into that we got told no as it had a bad entity there.

    This excited me and my friend and let the others go out of sight, then went into the house. The room had a green carpet and a fawn coloured couch. There were also burn marks on them. There was a rocking chair facing an open fire and my friend sat in it.

    She started to gaze into the fire and as she did i saw her change into my gran. Then the fire flared up, and it seemed to make its way onto the carpet. The fire seemed to know where it wanted to go and little flames danced forward towards the couch.

    I tried to put them out but i couldnt and my friend was sat in the chair now her hands reaching out towards the fire. I spun the chair round and grabbed her hands, there seemed to be nothing in her eyes, she showed no emotion or anything.

    I pulled her up and threw her on the couch to bring her back, when i did this i was thrown onto the couch and then there was a flash of bright white light, it was so bright i squinted and automatically hid my eyes and shielded my friends eyes to by throwing myself over her.

    Then it was over my friend was ok but had no memory, we left the house and i was explaining to her what had happened. When we got outside my friend disappeared only for another friend to appear and she wanted to go in.

    I explained to her what happened but she wasnt deterred so i went in again with her. I knew what to expect this time and was ready and everything started the same way but this time my friend didnt change nor was i thrown, the reason being as soon as the fire hit the floor and started to spread the bright light came.

    This time it was much brighter and we both had our eyes well covered but then i felt we had to get out of the room, so i got my friend and ran out into the hall. It was at this point the light had blue in it and i could see the light without it making me squint.

    The light seemed to look clear with a blue tint then i heard a loud crack like it was lightening i walked towards the door and looked into the room and it was back to how it was originally.

    Then my mum and hubby came in and i am explaining what had happened mum believed me but my hubby had his doubts. We all went outside and my hubby went in another direction and i was preparing for my wedding.

    I had a lovely dress and i had a tiara made with flowers and tiny diamonds. Me and my mate walked down this street where there were people gathering. There was this man i recognised there and he stopped me and asked who i was marrying. Then he said oh it must be Dave.

    I said no its not Dave he is my son. He then give me a kiss and me and my friend got in this horse drawn carriage. The horses were pure white and the carriage had red seats.

    Then i was home and this man pulled up in this van. I went out and said there was noway i could go on the road in that as there was nowhere to sleep. Then he folded down the back seat and it turned in to a leather bed. then he pressed a switch and the van turned into like a limousine.

    I shouted for my hubby to come and look and as he got to the car i woke.

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