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    can you all explain this to me if u can


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    can you all explain this to me if u can

    Post  Neo on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:27 pm

    Originally Posted by MidnightBlaze
    Well it all started a couple of days back when I decided to open my chakras because I had a feeling that I just had to and I was ready to do so I did it and I was successful in opening my chakras
    .After a couple of hours after I opened my chakras I decided to meditate,and this is where the weirdness started but I hear its quite common to experience this but this is just the start.

    Okay so during my meditation session I started feeling weird,everything in my mind was moving at speeds I wasn't quite used to so it creeped me out but I didn't let it stop me and I continued meditating,over time this sensation stopped and a new one came

    .This time I felt like my head was really big and my lips felt like they were bloated,my hands felt as if they were really small and far away.
    I moved my tongue a little and the inside of my mouth felt like steel so I tried to visualise myself
    getting out of my body(Don't know why I did this),my skin also felt like steel.
    I decided to get out of my meditative state because this sensation was new to me.
    I opened my eyes and walked a couple of steps,then I realised that everything around me was super slow because I was moving at a faster pace(not like the flash of course).

    A pace that I wasn't used to though,this wore off after 30 minutes of walking around my place just getting to experience this weird feeling.Well at night I mediated yet again because I am used to meditating at night when I have peace and quiet.
    As I meditated I started seeing images of a white male I don't recognise,he started coming closer and as he came closer the more demonic he looked.

    My body reacted and I started sweating a lot plus the position of my 3rd eye chakra and crown chakra started pounding a lot I was not afraid though my body was reacting to this but I was not afraid I know when I feel fear and this was definitely not fear,I have overcome most of my fears.Now the guy was close really close and he looked even more demonic with horns.He was now looking at me face to face and I was looking at him in the eyes without fear without judgement I basically felt nothing towards him.

    He disappeared and my view changed and now all I could see was darkness so I opened my eyes.I felt better than I have ever felt in my entire life because most of my life I have felt tired,hopeless,sometimes nothing and I didn't see the worth of life but I didn't want suicide,I just thought of life as useless and that
    there was no need for it what I mean is that I felt that it would be better if nothing ever came into existence so that we wouldn't have to suffer like we do.
    I know my statememt is contradictory but that's just how I felt.
    Now I can actually feel happy and I have a lot of energy nowadays for some reason.


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    Re: can you all explain this to me if u can

    Post  lovepassion on Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:18 am

    Wow sounds like you had a spontaneous healing and understanding of suffering by facing the demon without fear or judgement ,it took me a lot of stuff to understand and accept that this is how life is and that we can rise above suffering by conquering ours  fears and judgements,and by loving ourselves unconditionally at all times,and having a connection with a god that truly loves us  and wants the best for us..... :astar:

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