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    Dream about books...George Orwell


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    Dream about books...George Orwell

    Post  reikistar on Fri May 22, 2015 11:16 am

    I just wondered if anyone has any ideas about this dream I had last night.

    There were loads of books lining my wall, but they were going downwards in a sort of spiral. There was a vague sense of being in a library even though it seemed like my bedroom as well. The books were very old and when I picked one up it was a classic by George Orwell but the title was not clear. I looked at a few more but the last few pages were ripped out. Then I picked up the classic and realised it was about someone's life, their birth, education, and life in general. When I looked further into the spiral I noticed a modern version of the same novel but for some reason I was drawn to the classic because it seemed more authentic. When I flicked through the book I saw little passages about myrrh (the present Jesus was given). 

    I know this is kind of vague but it feels relevant to me. I haven't read or thought about George Orwell in years. He is a dystopian author who writes a lot about society and politics. I have been concerned about politics in this country lately due to my disappointment over the election.

    I'd be grateful for any thoughts at all.


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