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    Nearly there



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    Nearly there

    Post  Auras on Thu May 21, 2015 4:34 pm

    Yesterday I was doing lots of studying on Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Out of body experiences and came across Ryan's Book/PDF and thought I would read through a little bit of it. I read some of it and Jumped down to the Exercises part of the PDF, I came Across the Exercise "Noticing" and read through it as careful as possible. 

    Even though Ryan explained it as easy it was not when it came to experimenting with it. My experience lead from getting no where from being somewhere though! So, as I began the exercise it kind of confused me of how to see in the darkness, I would look in the darkness and my mind would create random images, but I'm not looking to use my mind am I, I am here to just notice any changes within the blackness. It felt like that was not "working" for me so I stopped and opened my eyes and just lied there for like quite a bit ( not sure how long ). I turn and lie on my back, I close my eyes and just breathe, Suddenly, I felt some kind of vibrations kick in. These where not so intense but I could feel them strongly enough. I kept going and going and open my eyes again. 

    I swapped position and decided to face the wall with my hand under my cheek bone as a rest. My eyes are staring at the wall and because the room was dark the wall started to produce shapes and shapes. (I remember reading somewhere that Ryan likes to use a Spiral or a vortex within the blackness) so I let all the shapes form into a vortex and My eyes sank deeper and deeper until it got darker and darker until I felt the need to close my eyes. So I did close my eyes and I was just relaxing, It began to feel like I was in the middle of a room with nothing around me. So, I put my hand out and touched me wall, and I was still in my bed. I layed there again with my eyes closed and now I started to feel intense vibrations my eye feels like it's twitching and I start to see the colour white. I then stopped again but this time when I close my eyes it's different, I let the sensations take over, I see a white light coming down from my Third Eye creating a line just below my chest. I carry on with the sensations, I feel Numb, My hearts racing, I'm breathing too fast and heavy, I still let the sensations take over, I then notice the blackness in my eyes it feels like I was in the middle off it, It felt like I was about to loose consciousness, So, I took the chance to actually get out my body, I didn't realise until after what I experienced that I was not suppose to just "get up" I just got up like I was still in my physical body, but I was suppose to Visualise my astral self getting up wasn't i? Then after my body moved it ended and I couldn't get to sleep for a while then.

    These symptoms are not all in order because I can not remember what came first. Would love some opinions on this please.

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    Re: Nearly there

    Post  Violet on Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:43 pm

    Im sure I just *got out* of my body auras it was definitely not a visualisation.I also remember feeling like I was about to lose consciousness and it doesnt half make you feel wide awake when you get back in.

    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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