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    A message? Can anyone relate to this.


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    A message? Can anyone relate to this.

    Post  millergrls on Sun May 17, 2015 2:22 am

    I have finally realized that when spirit is trying to connect with me I begin to feel nauseous and energy in certain parts of my body.  I have been feeling very sick off and on for about four months now.  Now when I begin to feel these sensations I slow down and focus on connecting with the energy.  When I do this I feel much better, If I do not I will feel nauseous until I do.  With that being said...I did this one day and received some type of message.  I have tried to find a connection to it but have yet to so I thought that I would post it here to see if someone can connect with it.

    A woman maybe in her 50-60's turned to me.  It was blondish gray very long, and a kinky curve and she wore it behind her ears.  She was holding something in her hand but I couldn't see what it was.  I asked her what she needed and she replied to me that Brogan McDaniels was way way way down there.  She said this while she walked calmly towards me pointing to the ground.  My take is that this man was or is bad and maybe is making or did make bad choices and that he is going to suffer for it.  However I am not sure.  I have not connection to it myself and cannot find one around me so I figured that I would put it here to see if any one here does.

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