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    Very confused!!!!!


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    Very confused!!!!!

    Post  Scented on Mon May 11, 2015 2:22 pm

    Hello, so i didnt know where to post this to be honest, i just wanna get it off my chest. Lately i've been thinking about someone non-stop. This has been going on for like 3 months maybe and its super frustrating! (i'm a girl and this person is also a girl and i'm 100% straight, just saying) I used to see her around and i'd think that she's cool like i like the vibe i'm getting from her like a cool vibe, she's much older than me so it was like admiration like i felt like wow i wanna be like her when a grow up, she just seemed cool. Then there was this day where i actually came in contact with her and when she talked, honestly i dont think i've ever listened that attentively and the topic wasnt even that interesting! she's a really good speaker and that made me like her even more, then we had another meeting a few days later (its like a group thing not one on one) and i was writing something so when i raised my head i caught her looking at me with a little smile on her face. Then days have passed and sometimes i would think about her and how like amazing i think she is but it was like an admiration type of thing. But recently i've been thinking about her much more and a few weeks ago i would even have this weird feeling in my chest like a tingling or whatever whenever she just randomly pops into my head and i honestly dont get it like why is mind doing this, and i've stumbled upon this twin soul and soulmate stuff and i dont even know why i'm looking into it because i feel that that's too deep and that its all in my head but yet i keep reading about it i honestly dont know and like a few days ago and now i'v started feeling things like more than admiration i guess, i've started feeling like "yeah maybe i'll turn lesbain for her" hahahah honestly idk?? and the other time we were talking about something, and i felt like she was gonna say a sentence and she said it and that was pretty scary, on top of that like i dont know her all that well. Also i'd get these rushes of intense feelings suddenly towards her, this is all so confusing, one more thing is that there was this one time where i said to myself i wish i could atleast know if she thinks about me too and then i got a message from a friend thats a message from her (meaning she told my friend to ask people about something) idk if that means anything. sorry if the post is all over the place but these are my confused thoughts and i cant seem to properly put them into words, insight would be helpful because the word to describe my past week has been CONFUSION.

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    Re: Very confused!!!!!

    Post  feather on Sat May 16, 2015 6:55 am

    Yes you sound confused. It seems that you are energetically attuned to this person and this occurs in relationships when 2 people are in tune...synchronized behaviour like saying the same words at the same time or sitting the same way. You seem to have a physical attraction towards this person too. Soul mate, twin soul? I cannot say...and I don't think the answer really matters. The fact is that you are drawn energetically to this person...and you may have to play it out 'by ear'.

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