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    Banishing Negative Entities


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    Banishing Negative Entities

    Post  power.of.love on Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:41 pm

    I would like to mention a few tips when you are faced with a negative entity that is not from the lower levels. This helped me very much.

    Hopefully this will help if you're in need of a house cleansing or personal cleansing and are still waiting for your turn (dowsers/cleansers can be very busy with requests).

    1) Identify how you receive certain thoughts, could be your spirit guides that, your own ego, guardian agels, other people, servitors, objects that induce fear etc.. I found out quickly that my guides were under the influence and a cleanser/dowser managed to remove the negative entity that was manipulating them. Obviously portals were opened so more of them came in, but you must find where the big hole is for them to come in and deceive you, sending you negative thoughts etc.

    2) (VERY IMPORTANT) Remain calm, collected and don't give into fear. Ask your higher self, ascended masters or some angels to help with this.

    The reason why I mention this point is that due to the fact that these beings are fear-based possessors they basically use your fears to drain your energy and those around them. If you feel fear, they will get more powerful and will have enough power to do things that you see in movies - mostly fiction, but they can do those things if they receive much energy from fear.

    3) Don't give them any titles that reflect power. If you use certain words that are commonly used to describe they become more powerful. The article from Dale Power on called 'Entities and Possession'. Look it up!

    As you can see, he doesn't give them any titles and for good reason. Titles only help to induce fear.

    4) (VERY IMPORTANT) Throw away any objects that you may have that induce fear into you. This is so important. I found out that they get most of their energy through people and if they can't get energy through people, they do this through objects that induce fear into you.

    Once I threw away the old Dvd's with certain movies that induced fear, their power was greatly reduced and I barely feel their touch now.

    5) Don't speak back at them if you hear them or say something and you hear them in your mind. SImply ignore them and think of other things. Do other things as you normally would do throughout your day.

    6) Call Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy (Warrior Angels). I always thought this was a myth of sorts until I actually recited Adele Marie prayer from Archangel Michael and I actually so a blue, lightnening-like aura chasing the black shadows around me.

    This will help you feel good temporarily because this Archangel also instills a lot of courage. I shared this with a dowser/cleanser once and was told that the energy is very noticeable.

    7) Ask a professional dowser/cleanser for a full cleansing or home cleansing or both. The most important step, but doing the things above will give you a lot more peace while you wait.
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    Re: Banishing Negative Entities

    Post  jayluis on Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:57 pm

    For entities of negativity, ones who are not from the lower levels are fairly easy to ignore, or banish. 
    It's simply mastering your own virtues and yourself, i.e, living a spiritual way of life as we all are. These entities merely bring upon dark emotions.

    A lower level, a real bonafide not human or of this realm spirit, i.e, monster or demon, now those can reach out and touch you in the dark. In pitch black areas they can break their veil and literally touch you. Furthermore once they've latched onto you, it can be difficult to be rid of them. Though not impossible!

    First thing, call upon the power of higher beings. It'd have to be really nasty, and I mean full on crosses thrown across the room nasty, for you to really do this, but know that they will only come based on your belief. You have to Believe.
    Second, when we go into  a meditation session or focus upon ourselves we can visualize a "light" within us. We must believe it's there and we must believe it's on a spiritual level. You may not see it, but you'll see it in your mind's eye, (like a kid!), and what's more is you have to believe that its coming from your spirit.

    Of course when you have that lack of belief, you move into an old house, and then you get possessed, and then stuff like your crosses start flying around the room by themselves, that notion of what is possible and real goes right out the window! Get a priest, or do it yourself, when the monsters come, anything goes! You have your own defenses, they just take practice!

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