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    Scrying? What happens?



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    Scrying? What happens?

    Post  Steve23 on Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:53 am

    I have scryed a couple of times, both while under the influence of cannabis.  The first time, nothing really happened, stuff got a little wavy and shiny but I think it was just the intense focus combined with the weed.  The second time, however, I think I might, possibly have had spirit contact but it didn't really go anywhere.  I was attempting to see into the future by means of scrying and the dresser my mirror was on began to glow and there were these patterns on it.  Then, I sort of picked up on a spirit voice that was clearly not me that said, "you aren't ready for this yet."

    So, what exactly happens when you scry?  Do you have control over the imagery/sounds and is it usually direct statements.  Also, is it your guides that will be communicating the things to you as I have had contact with my spirit guides before and I even know their names and have had actual conversations with them before.  Also, is there a risk of being possessed by evil spirits or contacting demonic entities or is this overblown?  I really do not want to become possessed by demons and/or the devil

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