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    Meditation is Cell Phone to Contact God??


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    Meditation is Cell Phone to Contact God??

    Post  Himanshr on Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:00 am

    We all knew that to make  happy and make peaceful ,successful life we have to worship god.
    But don't know how we can.

    Only by daily prayer,puja,Namaj??

    God give us all ability in our body,the think is that only we have to concentrate our all power for remember him.

    So how that?
    seat alone at peaceful atmosphere early in morning or before sleep,just 20 to 30 minute and close your eye ,and assume that between your both eyebrows that is white yellow light.

    Actually that light aromatically comes when you try for concentrate.

    Whole science still unable to find how come god made us.

    The whole hidden power of your body becoming activating.

    God distributed equally ability and brain to his Every child.

    The charging by meditation is  only way of concentration.

    Meditation is like mobile phone Charger that connect our brain towards god existence.Automatically day by day all hidden ability of our body activating.
    So let's start first.

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