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    So Much Confusion!

    Athena Rowan Dawn

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    So Much Confusion!

    Post  Athena Rowan Dawn on Sun Nov 09, 2014 8:16 pm

    There seems to be so much confusion about twin flames and soul mates on websites and forums, and I can see from reading a lot that a lot of people find it off-putting, even to the point where they find twin flame theory to be completely unbelievable, partly because the explanations of the process are so convoluted, and partly because people have a tendency to believe their current love interest is their twin flame even though part of the theories as most people present them states that we do not unite with our twin flames in most of our lifetimes here on earth.

    I wondered where you all stood on it and what your understanding was, and thought I would also share mine following my own reading and also my own experience. Part of my spiritual journey, particularly in the last six months or so, has been tied in with helping people who feel separated, incomplete, lost and alone because for whatever reason they feel they cannot be with their twin flame, so this is of great interest to me. I think I need to learn more of other people's understandings, beliefs and opinions, in order to help more people, if that makes sense.

    I personally stumbled across twin flame theory many years ago. I read about it initially through a website I can no longer find, which explained the beautiful basics of the theory. It was written by someone who believed their twin flame was discarnate and guiding them from the other plane. Their experiences really gripped me and I very much resonated with it. Of course, so much happens in life and there is so much to take one's interest, that over the years, I forgot about it, but it must have been stored in my subconscious.

    I can see the sense in soul mate theory, the idea that we all have a number of soul mates, who incarnate with us over and again to learn different lessons about love on the earth plane. I have experienced myself, and seen many friends experience, that inexplicable attraction to someone, that feeling of having known them before, for many years, that instant connection, only to see those relationships eventually fade. I have also noticed that if people believe they are with their soul mate, they will continue with that relationship even if it is unhappy, because they believe it is meant to be and there is no one else for them, because they have misunderstood the principle that we have many soul mates, not one, and when the learning experience is over and there is no joy left it is fine to let go and move on.

    I have since experienced what I believe to be a twin flame awakening - an absolute expansion and opening of the heart and higher heart - learning how to love unconditionally. This was prompted by intense deja vu experiences, lucid dreams, and spontaneous past life memories, when a particular person became a presence in my life. I didn't understand what the connection was at the time, because it was like nothing I had ever experienced before in my relationships or elsewhere. It led to a lot of spiritual development, and I am now on a major self-healing and trying to live my spiritual purpose more each day as a direct result of these experiences. Once again, I stumbled on some information about twin flames, and the pieces sort of clicked into place. I wondered whether that person was my twin flame, and had crossed my path in life as part of my spiritual awakening.

    When I then entered a new relationship, of course, I went through that wonderful heady initial phase of falling in love and the romance and passion that comes initially with any new relationship, and fell into that very human trap of thinking to myself, well, this person must be my twin flame then. But like any relationship, there were ups and downs, and when there was a particular period of "down-time" so to speak, the person I had previously wondered was my twin flame began to appear to me again in very vivid dreams, recreating that feeling of expansion and pure love in my heart.

    So, this is how it appears to me, at this point in time: our soul mates are many, and we reincarnate with them many times in order to learn, grow and evolve. Sometimes we do not treat each other kindly in these lives, because we are providing learning experiences for each other. Hence the ups and downs. But generally, we can be happy with our soul mates, and indeed, in most of our lifetimes, this is what is meant for us. The twin flame, on the other hand, is singular, and is a constant. Whether the twin flame acts as a guide from the other dimensions, crosses our path once and catalyses an awakening, or, more rarely, becomes our partner (which I believe only happens in significant lifetimes, including our final lifetime on earth). Another way of telling the difference is the recognition feeling. With a soul mate, it is more like "clicking" on more than one level quite quickly and early in the relationship. There are uncanny things in common, coincidences that make your heart race. Some people even recognise a soul mate physically, or from a dream. With a twin flame, the recognition is felt more in the heart. You know their energy signature, their vibration. You know them at heart level, because essentially, at heart level, you are one and the same. This feeling is more like coming home.

    There are so many things out there that speak of all these complex "stages" in a twin flame relationship that can send people pursuing the person they believe to be their twin flame at any cost, without letting things flow. The dangerous aspect about twin flame theory being "out there" to the extent it is, is that some people seem to use it to justify an obsession or possessive form of love. This can actually hold them back from finding love and happiness with the person they are truly meant to be with. The so-called "runner dynamic" in particular doesn't sit well with me - and this may just be me - in this respect, because people can use it to explain unrequited feelings and as a reason to hold onto unfounded hope. It can take a lot of unpicking to try and explain to someone who has subscribed to this theory (not everyone, of course, I am thinking of specific individuals I have known) that they may not be destined to be with their twin flame in this lifetime. Therefore, the "stages" aspect, I think I have put to one side, at least for now.

    Most recently in my journey I have been drawn so much more to the core of the matter: that many of us have a craving, or a longing, for love, deep inside. This can come from feeling separate from God, from universe, from existence, or rejected by others. My experience has taught me that nothing and nobody can fill that hole, but yourself. Existence on earth is a journey of growth and evolution of the soul, a journey back to love. True heart healing is about loving yourself, purely, unconditionally and with acceptance and appreciation of all that you are, have been and will be. Instead of looking for love externally, it is important to first look internally. Most material, including that which goes into all the different "stages" of twin flame separation, and that which also goes into different "types" of soul connections which supposedly explains why you may think someone is your twin but turn out not to have a happy-ever-after them, has a common aspect - the acknowledgement that to achieve twin flame reunion (or, in other words, feeling whole and completely loved in yourself) you must love and accept yourself unconditionally, and work on your own spiritual healing.

    For me, that is the most important thing to work on, rather than seeking or pursuing particular people. My experiences, including lucid dreams, waking visions, synchronicities, and messages I have received from other spiritual workers, have showed me that I always have the love of angels, guides, loved ones who have passed over, and, indeed, my twin flame (at least from their higher self perspective). I do, indeed, still believe in twin flames, that I have a twin flame, though I quite deliberately keep my mind open as to who or where my twin flame is, despite having an idea. But I believe that reunion will occur when it is so meant, and in the meantime I am to love, honour and heal myself as well as those others I care for in life. I recently even read that when your heart is healed and ready, your twin flame's energy can even be channelled through your current relationship or another soul mate relationship, if your twin flame's heart is not or it is not destined at that time. So it feels like I am in the perfect place right now, and all I need to do is keep being loving, true, and kind towards myself and others and embrace healing opportunities. This outlook, too, brings immediate peace, rather than the "if only this would happen" sort of attitude that comes when pursuing something that is just not happening.

    So that is where I am at right now with twin flame and soul mate theory (and experience). I would be interested to hear what other people resonate with and what they do not, as well. Sorry to be so wordy about it but I am simply just sharing my journey with it up to now, which included a lot of thinking and ruminating. I have yet to process it enough to integrate it into its simplest form.

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    Re: So Much Confusion!

    Post  SpiritVoices on Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:04 pm

    Soulmates can cover a lot of ground.  You can attempt to lose them but for some unearthly reason they keep turning up when not expected. You can keep the same soulmate  through life after life and not be aware of it.  Different looks,different bodies but the hold is there.   Until each one of you resolves your differences each life will goes on in a different physical shell.

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